About Jenny's Pet Stuff

In 2003 I was bored and didn't want to get another “real” job. I always liked going to craft shows and thought “I can do that,” and Jenny's Stuff was born.

Jenny and GidgetMy partner, Gidget, is a 14 year old calico that I adopted from the local shelter when she was 7. She does all the sleep testing of new designs, even those that aren't beds (she was too fat to fit into the Christmas stocking but she tried). She claims that sleep testing is much more difficult than sewing. I'm sure your pets would agree. She is also fond of yowling instructions to me, as she thinks she is the boss.

All the items are hand-crafted by me in my Brattleboro,Vermont home. If you're ever in the area, you may call for an appointment to view the items firsthand. Gidget and I would love to meet you. You can also find me at the following cat and craft shows. (Gidget doesn't attend these events, as she claims she is too busy sleep testing to go.)

2010 Show Schedule

Somerset, NJ (cat show)
July 17-18

Greenfield, MA - Franklin County Fair (craft show)
Sept 11-12

Bourne, MA (craft show)
Sept 24-26

Hartford, CT (pet show)
Oct 23-24

Wilmington, MA (craft show)
Nov. 26-28

Hartford, CT (craft show)
Dec 3-5